As the League continues to develop its Game Plan 2.0, a Return to Hockey Frame work, which includes a policy on vaccinations, the Toronto Shamrocks Hockey Club have developed a policy for parents to review prior to registration (and retroactively for those who already have registered) as to the organization’s position in regards to refunds in the event that programming is impacted as a result of Covid-19. As we move forward with this irregular season, this policy may be revised and updated accordingly to best suit our club and its members.

Refund Policy 

  • In the event that the total number of regular season games reduces from 28 (26 for U18 & U17 AA) and (24 for U21 A) as the result of a decision by the local public health agency or a decision by the Federal, Provincial and/or Municipal government, each player affected by such decision will be refunded a portion of the Players Registration Fee on a pro-rated bases.
  • A Player who suffers a short-term injury and/or illness (they would be returning to play at some point during the season) or is required to self-isolate as the result of a positive Covid-19 test and/or being exposed to someone who has tested positive for Covid-19 is not eligible for a refund.
  • A Player who suffers a season-starting or season-ending injury/ illness/ condition/ mental-health barrier, would be refunded on a pro-rated basis after the submission of a medical report indicating such. The club portion of the refund includes player fees to the club but does not include money spent on team apparel. Any refunds for fees associated with registration must be taken up with GTHL.